Fuel price Calculator

Petrol Price Calculation Per Litre for Sikkim*

Crude Oil35.48₹/Litre
Refinery Processing + Refinery Margins + OMC Margin + Freight Cost, Logistics 4.07₹/Litre
Price Charged to Dealers (excluding Excise Duty and VAT)39.55₹/Litre
Additional: Excise Duty + Road Cess as Charged by Central Government32.90₹/Litre
Commission to Petrol Pump Dealers3.79₹/Litre
Fuel Cost Before VAT76.25₹/Litre
25.25% VAT+ Rs.3000/KL cess (Varies from State to State)22.25₹/Litre
Final Retail Price98.50₹/Litre